Riziki Source is a social enterprise enabling access to job opportunities for persons with disabilities in Kenya. We facilitate workplace diversity, disability inclusion and linkage to over six Million people with disabilities in Kenya who have particular skill sets, currently untapped for recruitment, as a value-proposition for companies, organizations and society.

We are experts in workplace inclusion of persons with disabilities and embrace a two sided, individual focused approach for our clients and partners.

Riziki Source offers disability mainstreaming training for companies and organizations while supporting them throughout the process of employing a person with a disability on any disability- related support needs.

We provide job relevant skills training for applicants on our platform to meet the needs of companies and organizations. As a social enterprise, Riziki Source is bridging the gap between the job market in Kenya and an overlooked educated and skilled part of the workforce.

With our approach, we help both public and private companies and government institutions meet the implementation of the 5% regulation that requires them to reserve job opportunities for persons with disabilities:

“13. Reservation of employment
The Council shall endeavour to secure the reservation of five per cent of all casual, emergency and contractual positions in employment in the public and private sectors for persons with disabilities.” (Persons with Disabilities Act 2003)

Our Mission

Enabling access to job opportunities for persons with disabilities in Kenya.


Four business pillars


Disability Mainstreaming Training and audit to support companies and organizations in their efforts to become disability inclusive and embrace diversity.

Riziki Hub

Accessible computer hub, where persons with disability can undergo training and have the opportunity to earn income through commissioned computer based (ICT) work.

Job Seekers

Job relevant skills training and access to online platform to increase employability and ensure personal growth.

Business development services for job seekers, who are looking into becoming self-employed.

Online platform

Online platform for job seekers, who have a disability and employers. Registration for applicants possible through a text message and on the website.

Our Story

Riziki Source was founded in 2015 to address the challenge of high unemployment amongst the Six Million Kenyan population who have a disability (estimated: 80%). Despite the fact that persons with disabilities are Degree, Diploma and Certificate holders, they are often stigmatized as being unskilled, unproductive and an expensive undertaking to include at the workplace.

To overcome this false stigma and provide access for employers to this huge pool of people, Riziki Source maintains and online job platform for persons with disabilities and an accessible computer Hub where they are prepared to be job ready