Impact Stories

Phyllis Njeri

I came to know Riziki Source through a friend who helped me register on the platform and I later sent my CV. After some time, I was called for the first interview, but didn’t qualify. Several months later I was called again for an interview and this time I was among the people who qualified for a training. I acquired communication and customer care skills. Few months later I was called again having qualified to work as a Business Development Intern for Riziki Source. While undertaking my internship at Riziki Source, I have benefited with additional computer training and gaining much needed experience at the workplace as well as confidence to work in any company.

Dickson Morande

Like any other individual out there who has a perception or a way of doing things so do persons with disabilities. Over the year’s persons with disabilities have been treated as objects of charity - people who exist to be helped. imes have changed and in this day and age the charity approach has no room and everyone is striving to become independent. This challenge has greatly affected persons with disabilities and generally how persons without disabilities approach the entire situation. To be honest I always felt sympathy whenever I met a person with disability and my first thought is to give something little I have. However, this is changing, instead of offering donations and alms to persons with disabilities, how about creating an opportunity? How about creating an environment that will allow persons with disabilities learn skills and compete in the job market, offer their services to growing the economy? Reasons for this change is my constant interaction with persons with disabilities through my position at Riziki Source. Since beginning of March, I took up a challenge to work as an ICT trainer, also training in job readiness and application processes. To my surprise most of the persons with disabilities are very eager to learn. I believe, given the opportunity, persons with disabilities would live an impactful life. It is “US” who need to change our perspective of “THEM”