Terms and conditions

RizikiSource Terms & Conditions Agreement

  1. RizikiSource entitles every user to read following terms and conditions carefully before using the services provided by RizikiSource.
  2. Using the services provided by RizikiSource constitutes the acceptance of this terms and conditions by the user.
  3. RizikiSource reserves the right to modify this agreement (including the fees) at any time without prior notice. Changes will be brought to the attention of the user via the website www.rizikisource.org.
  4. Users of RizikiSource must be 18 years or older.
  5. Definitions:
  1. Users are the following parties
  1. Job seeker: a person with a disability searching for employment, an internship or any other position within the economy.
  2. Partner: every organization, business and institution engaged with RizikiSource either as a partner in training or as possible employer for the job seeker.
  1. RizikiSource is a service, which seeks to provide persons with disabilities with job opportunities.
  1. RizikiSource disclaims any liability that arises between users.
  2. Every service and technology provided and related to RizikiSource shall not be used for illegal or defaming purposes.
  3. Users are not allowed to interfere with the accessibility of the services provided by RizikiSource for other users.
  4. RizikiSource strictly forbids to
  1. use and forward content, surveys and information from the website without source acknowledgement and the permission from RizikiSource.
  2. imply or state that any statement of the user is endorsed by RizikiSource without prior written consent of RizikiSource.
  3. adapt, alter, translate or license RizikiSource or the services provided.
  4. make any changes on the website without permission by RizikiSource.
  5. forge or impersonate RizikiSource in E-Mail, letter or any other communication with users and non-users.
  1. RizikiSource is against harassment, slavery and abuse of any person using any of our platforms.
  2. Breaching any term of this agreement will lead to termination of the services provided by RizikiSource to the user. In case of a termination of the contract RizikiSource is not entitled to provide the user with any form of refund.
  3. RizikiSource is not responsible for any financial or personal situation of the user.
  4. Job seeker:
  1. The job seeker agrees to submit the necessary information required by RizikiSource in the shortest possible time but not longer than 2 weeks from his first registration. Required information is:
  1. Name, National ID number, Gender, Birthday, Education, Profession, Type of Disability and the current residence/county.
  2. Curriculum Vitae (CV) to be sent via E-Mail to info@rizikisource.org, uploaded on the website or hardcopy to P.O.Box 5837-00200 Nairobi.
  3. Every other information asked for by the staff members of RizikiSource meant to facilitate the process of job access.
  1. The job seeker furthermore ensures that the given information is true and up-to-date.
  2. The job seeker has to apply personally and only for him/herself. The registration cannot be done by a parent, friend or any other acquaintance of the job seeker.
  3. The job seeker agrees on informing the staff members of RizikiSource, when his/her information, mentioned under 4.a.i. changes within 2 weeks from the change.
  4. The job seeker is aware of the mandatory personal meeting with staff members of RizikiSource in order to go through a training interview and coaching that allows RizikiSource to understand his/her desired career path.
  5. The job seeker is aware of the possibility to be removed from the RizikiSource database if he or she fails to reach the aforementioned requirements.
  6. The job seeker is aware that RizikiSource is a platform to connect employers with disabled job seekers to enhance the chances of employment.
  7. The job seeker accepts that RizikiSource is unable to provide job access without the job seekers own initiative and motivation.
  1. Be punctual and prepared.
  2. Cancel job interviews in reasonable advance time and informs the employer and RizikiSource. Reasonable time is hereby defined as the moment the job seeker knows that he/she will not be able to attend the interview.
  3. Cancel interview appointments only in emergencies or due to sickness and the like.
  1. The job seeker furthermore agrees to pay the service fee of 15% of the first gross salary once the job placement is done and therefore signs a binding agreement with RizikiSource.
  2. The employer of the job seeker is notified about 13.j. and will be informed in case of payment default of the job seeker.
  3. The job seeker agrees to withhold public negative statements and comments regarding RizikiSource.
  4. The job seeker acknowledges that RizikiSource has no influence or control over the quality, payment or any other aspects of the job opportunity.
  5. The job seeker understands that RizikiSource gives no warranty on job placements and has no control over the staff choice of partners.
  1. Partners of RizikiSource:
  1. The partner agrees to treat the job seeker referred to by RizikiSource equal, with respect and openness and is aware of possible special needs of the job seeker.
  2. The partner acknowledges that RizikiSource has no influence on the quality, timing, integrity or any other job performance related aspects of the job seeker.
  3. The partner agrees to withhold from public negative comments and statements regarding RizikiSource.
  4. The partner will inform RizikiSource if an employee matched via RizikiSource is terminated, transferred or resigns from their establishment.
  5. The partner agrees to support RizikiSource, if the employee matched through RizikiSource refuses to pay the mentioned service fee (13.j.).
  1. General terms and conditions:
  1. RizikiSource will treat any information and data from the user with outmost confidentiality and won’t share them beyond their intended purpose unless expressly authorized.
  2. RizikiSource commits to working in the best interest of the user and will not undermine their independence, dignity and self-determination.