What We Do

Riziki Source has organized her services into the following streams

Disability Employment Database

we maintain a database of persons with disabilities seeking job opportunities through Riziki App, a mobile application that is both web, downloadable on android and SMS based where employers and persons with disabilities seeking employment register into our disability employment database.

Tuchape Kazi ( Lets Work)

This is an initiative that supports youth with disabilities in Kenya to improve their employability and find employment opportunities.

Consultancy Services

We offer consultancy services on a range of themes related to disability inclusion at the work place,practices,policies and laws. You can reach out for tailored trainings on inclusive human resources,workspaces,disability mainstreaming and employment at your organization.

Riziki Shop

This is a marketplace that promotes goods and services made by persons with disabilities in Kenya. The goal is maximize sales of the products made by this group thus enabling them to earn a sustainable income.

Tuchape Kazi ( Lets Work!)

Tuchape Kazi is a response to the challenges and opportunities presented by disability and development commitments, capacity for policy reform, engagement of civil society (DPOs) in policy processes, and potential for businesses, disability, and technology. Approximately 3.46% of the Kenyan population has some form of disability, but this could be as high as 15%, according to WHO/World Bank. As such, approximately 6.6 million Kenyans may have a disability. This shows that there is large potential pool of participants that can benefit from this project.

Our bigger goal is to accelerate the employment of youth with disabilities by building a movement that supports this ambitious goal through strategic partnerships with learning institutions, business associations, media, Disabled Persons Organizations (DPOs) and the government through its various agencies.