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Riziki Source is more than just a normal job platform. Apart from the fact that we offer qualified and skilled job applicants, we also provide training for our job seekers as well as our employer partners.

We run a customized disability mainstreaming training for companies and organizations. Furthermore we support in the process of employing persons with disabilities and addressing any challenges arising from an employee who acquires a disability while at work. We are on your side from the start of becoming a disability inclusive company until you become a champion and a disability SMART Company.

Your company has been missing out on incredible talent and skilled workforce that can positively transform your business bottom-line while doing good to society at the same time.

Contact us for further information and inquiries around our disability mainstreaming training and audits.

If you are searching for skilled persons with disabilities to meet the 5% regulation of job reservation for persons with disabilities or just interested to have someone with a disability on your team from any professional background, register here (button).